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Barber Wilsons Regent Floor Mounted Tub Set With Risers, Bracing Kit And Handspray

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SKU R4310-18-PN
Color: Polished Nickel

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  • 2" Riser Sleeves
  • 50 mm floor standards
  • Drain not included

    Over time living finishes can tarnish, patinate and expose base colours. The change in appearance will depend upon the environment and conditions in which products are kept and used. All non-brass finishes are plated over the highest quality solid brass, and while we believe the quality of our finishes is superior, no product can be guaranteed to keep the original factory finish. What we can guarantee is that both our unlacquered and waxed living finishes create a beautiful patina, loved by customers who want an aged or ‘vintage’ look.

    Over time, established finishes change subtly in appearance but if cleaning instructions are followed, they will retain a sharp and pristine appearance.

    Care And Maintenance

    To maintain the original appearance these finishes should be gently washed with warm soapy water and then dried with a soft non-abrasive cloth. When limescale needs to be removed a proprietary limescale remover should be applied, ensuring that the manufacturers guidelines are adhered to. Avoid leaving the solution on the product over the instructed timescale as this can cause damage to the finish (shower roses may need to be de-scaled on a more regular basis, to avoid the holes blocking, especially in hard water areas). Never be tempted to apply abrasive solutions to the finish for cleaning or any other reason, including limescale removal as this can cause damage to the finish.

    Other factors that may contribute to the evolution of the finish are humidity and sunlight, clients are urged to give careful consideration to the live nature of these products.