The 7 Best Wall Water Fountains for your Home or Office

Your mind needs a natural environment to remain at peace and relax. We can't always go to faraway places to see rivers, waterfalls, and streams in their natural state. So, the best way is to find an alternative, like outdoor wall fountains in our home garden or residential area. 

We reviewed hundreds of outdoor wall fountains on the market and picked the 7 best ones for our list below. You can choose any of them to place in your backyard, patio, outdoor wall, shop, lounge space, or any other part of your home. 

The 7 Best Wall Water Fountains for Your Home or Office

  1. Adagio Summit Falls Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain With Light

Adagio Summit Falls Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

This wall fountain provides a beautiful sound of water falling on the stones, like a natural waterfall. It has a square frame that suits every corner of the home or office. The cord length is 6'' end to end, and the overall dimension is 24.25'' H x 40'' W. The wall fountain has an on/off pull chain, which helps to control the fountain. It also comes with a dimmer switch responsible for adjusting the lighting. The packaging contains a pump, halogen lighting, a DVD with instructions for installation, and a set of polished river rocks.


  • 1-year warranty

  • Approved usage for residential and non-residential areas

  • 5.5 gallons water capacity

  • Humidifier

  • Made in the USA

  • The flow rate is about 325 gallons per hour

  • Free shipping

  • Three types of stone options and finishes

  1. Adagio Teton Falls Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain With Light

 Adagio Teton Falls Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

This wall waterfall is essential for your office if you want to give it a professional look and impress your clients. The overall dimension of the model is 45'' H x 61'' W. The wall fountain also has a unique design and a system for distributing water that keeps it from getting clogged. It has a 3-way pull chain that helps adjust and control the water and light features.


  • 8 gallons water capacity

  • Free shipping

  • Requires only 110 Volts of electricity

  • Installation Instructions provided

  • The flow rate is about 535 gallons per hour

  • Three options for stone type

  • Three options for finish

  • Light bulbs included

  1. Adagio Majestic River Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

 Adagio Majestic River Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

Adagio Majestic River Natural Stone has a modern design that gives the perfect interior touch to your home or office décor. The dimensions of this model are 69'' H x 54'' W x 6'' D. It comes with a DVD and an instruction guide to assemble it.

You can choose between a rustic copper finish or a stainless-steel finish. The company also offers four types of stone collections in this model. Furthermore, the model has a dimmer switch and an On/Off pull chain.


  • Made in the USA

  • Free shipping

  • Four types of stone options

  • DVD and instructions guide

  • 110 Volt energy requirement

  • 325 gallons per hour flow rate

  • Include light bulbs and two pumps

  1. Adagio Cottonwood Falls Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

 Adagio Cottonwood Falls Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

The model comes with a beautiful finish and design to suit your interior needs. The dimensions of the wall fountain are 40.25'' H x 61'' W. It has a 3-way pull chain that assists in controlling the water flow and the lighting.

Also included in the box is a DVD with instructions, LED lighting with 6 bulbs, hanging hardware, an electric pump, and polished river pebbles. The company also offers 10 kinds of stone designs and options to choose from. 


  • 10 types of stone options

  • Free shipping

  • 325 gallons per hour flow rate

  • Suitable for residential and non-residential use

  • 1-year warranty

  • Come with six bulbs

  • 8 gallons capacity of water

  1. Adagio Inspiration Falls Acrylic Fountain with Light

 Adagio Inspiration Falls Acrylic Fountain with Light

The Inspiration Falls collection has a decent and compact design that can match any type of interior. Moreover, it also comes with a dimmer to control the brightness of the light. The model comes with an on/off pull chain that assists in managing the mode of the fountain. The system is designed so there is no room for clogging and leakage.


  • Double-tested plastic liner

  • One cord plugin

  • Contain hardware for hanging

  • Polished river pebbles

  • LED lighting and three bulbs

  • Free shipping all over the USA

  1. Adagio Sunrise Springs Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

 Adagio Sunrise Springs Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light

This rounded frame and brazen decorative collection are currently trending. It also has a switch that adjusts and controls the water flow and lighting. There is also a dimmer installed in this upgraded electrical system. Furthermore, the company prevented the possibility of leakage through plastic liners. The company offers seven types of designs for stones.


  • No plumbing required

  • Hand-finished

  • EZ install bracket

  • 7 options for stone designs

  • Three options for finish

  • Come with hardware for hanging

  • Printed instructions and DVD

  • Only one cord plugs

  • Soft white LED bulbs

  • Overall dimension is 35'' H x 52'' W x 6'' D

  1. Adagio Aspen Falls Acrylic Wall Fountain with Light

 Adagio Aspen Falls Acrylic Wall Fountain with Light

A square-framed wall fountain that fits every interior need, whether in an office or home. The model is 50”x 54"x 6". It also has a 3-way pull chain that can be used to control the dimmer, the water, and the lights. In addition, the model has a powder that enhances the grace of the interior.


  • Free shipping

  • Square frame

  • The welded plastic liner

  • LED lighting and four bulbs

  • Soft white LED bulbs 

  • Electric pump

Buying Guide

  • Size

Where you choose to position your water fountain will determine its size. The small ones are ideal for tabletops, whereas the medium and large ones are ideal for walls and floors. Check the size of the basin because you might not like having to keep adding water to it.

Also, check the height of the waterfall in the fountain because some people prefer the sound of the water flowing to be audible.

  • Quality

Quality doesn't always mean that a water fountain is made of stone. Beautiful water fountains can also be made of glass. But the waterfall should be strong because it will always be in contact with water. This will stop algae and rust from growing on it.

Furthermore, it should have a high-quality motor. Additionally, if the water runs out, the pump's motor needs to shut off immediately (like in some of the water fountains we previously covered). To find out what kind of water pump the company utilizes, look at the product description.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance needs of the fountain you want to buy are something you should look at carefully. Water might become contaminated when added, or the pump may become clogged. Therefore, it would be best if you kept an eye out for these things.

Workable Materials: Check the product's cleaning ability. Check that the material can be cleaned quickly if it gets dirty or accumulates algae from the water. Also, verify whether the fountain may be divided into pieces.

Pump: Check to see if you have simple access to the pump. If necessary, the pump may be quickly cleaned or replaced.

  • Type

There are three types of outdoor water fountains: tabletop, wall, and floor fountains. For a gorgeous portable water feature, purchase a tabletop water fountain. These are excellent for living areas, bedrooms, and possibly balconies.

Choose large wall and floor indoor water fountains if you require something more noticeable to raise the value of your home.


  1. Do indoor water fountains cause humidity to rise?

Yes, they do, but since indoor water fountains are often modest, you won't notice it. There will be a slight rise in the value of your home if you put in large waterfall fountains.

  1. How challenging is it to keep up a wall outdoor water fountain?

It's not difficult if the wall water fountain is portable and compact. Additionally, it makes things easier if the parts are detachable. Large outdoor water fountains, however, could be challenging to maintain.

  1. How does the water feature operate?

The wall outdoor water fountain works with a simple system that pumps water to the top and lets gravity take over to move the water down.


Wall fountains come in different options, designs, and price ranges. Therefore, it does not matter whether you want an outdoor wall fountain for the garden, backyard, patio, or shop, all the models mentioned in our list are suitable. These water fountains come with amazing water features for outdoor water décor. 

You can create an account or sign in on the company's app website to get information about any new wall water fountain. They ship custom orders in about 3 to 4 weeks all over the USA.

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