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8 Modern Medicine Cabinets for 2023 and Beyond

Aesthetics play a huge role in our lives in this day and age. Moreover, with the exponential rise in the use of social media, you are more likely to be influenced by and follow recent trends.

People use decor mirrors, medieval-inspired bedding, Persian-inspired rugs, wall-lighting lamps, or club-inspired lighting to enhance their aesthetics. Similarly, hoarding just any medical cabinet is insufficient.​​

Instead, you should make a tasteful choice and get a medicine cabinet that complements your bathroom’s interior. This article discusses the best modern medicine cabinets with the most valuable features.

8 Best Modern Medicine Cabinets

  1. SIDLER SIDELIGHT Single Door Medicine Cabinet

  2. Aquadom Signature Royale Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

  3. Aquadom EDGE ROYALE Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

  4. SIDLER SINGLA Single Door Medicine Cabinet

  5. SIDLER Tall Single Door Medicine Cabinet

  6. Aquadom Royale Plus Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

  7. SIDLER XAMO Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

  8. SIDLER QUADRO Triple Door Medicine Cabinet


  1. SIDLER SIDELIGHT Single Door Medicine Cabinet


 SIDLER® SIDELIGHT Single Door Medicine Cabinet


The SIDLER Sidelight is available in four sizes; 23”, 31”, 35”, and 47”. Alongside this, it comes with an integrated LED system. The variety in sizes allows you to choose a medicine cabinet that fits your bathroom perfectly and suits your needs.

Every size of the Sidelight Single Door is available in two LED options, i.e., 3000K and 4000K. Furthermore, the 0-10V dimmer allows you to dim the lights according to your preferences.

The product also has adjustable glass shelves and an inbuilt USB outlet. It also has a built-in GFCI port. The SIDLER Sidelight has a sleek design, a sliding mirror door, and an anodized aluminum body that compliments its functionality. 


  • Free shipping

  • Two years warranty

  • Two shelves

  • Seamless LED system available in two options

  • Mirror at the back of the cabinet

  • It has a cosmetic box

  • Options in size

  • App exclusive features, including magnifying mirror and wall mount kit

  1. Aquadom Signature Royale Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


Aquadom Signature Royale Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


If you want a medicine cabinet with a defogger, so the mirror doesn't fog up, Aquadom Signature Royale might be the best choice. Additionally, it comes in 12 different sizes to accommodate the needs of different buyers.

Aquadom Signature Royale also features an LED digital clock and LED lights that have individual dimmers. The cabinet is made from scratch-resistant aluminum and has a 3-way hinge system that allows 155-degree opening and closing access.

If you are willing to surface mount the product in your bathroom, you can utilize the free sideways mirror. Also, the Signature Royale has 3D temperature lighting, a mirror back wall, and double-sided mirror doors. 


  • Three mirrors allow you access to the cabinet while allowing access to the mirror

  • Dimmable LED lights

  • LED 3x magnifying mirror 

  • Electric and USB ports

  • Scratch-resistant frame

  1. Aquadom EDGE ROYALE Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Aquadom EDGE ROYALE Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

The Aquadom Edge Royale is the perfect pick for people looking for extra storage space. However, the cabinet retains a sleek style despite having three adjustable glass shelves. 

You can recess or surface mount the cabinet with the brand’s signature defogger and dimmable LED lights. Also, the choice of 12 size options makes it easier to find a cabinet, even for a limited space.


  • Double-sided mirror doors and mirror back

  • One touch control and soft, 155-degrees hinges

  • An anodized frame that enhances durability

  • Defogger and LED digital clock

  • Free shipping

  1. SIDLER SINGLA Single Door Medicine Cabinet


SIDLER® SINGLA Single Door Medicine Cabinet


SIDLER Singla falls into the understated category with its simple but elegant design. This product does not have LED lights or electronics. Instead, it offers practical storage space even if you have a limited area. 

You can buy this product in two compact sizes and choose if you want a beveled mirror or not. Furthermore, it features a white powder-coated zinc frame enclosing a cosmetic box.

The Singla Single Door has a chrome aluminum door handle and a 2.5X magnifying mirror.


  • Free shipping

  • Two years warranty

  • Soft, concealed hinges

  • Elegant design and a cosmetic box

  • Double-sided mirror door

  1. SIDLER Tall Single Door Medicine Cabinet

SIDLER® TALL Single Door Medicine Cabinet

The SIDLER Tall Single Door has a contemporary design with its full-length mirror. This medicine comes in three different sizes and even offers options in depth. Moreover, you can choose the side you want the hinged door to suit your space better.

The SIDLER Tall is a versatile product with an adjustable shelf system that allows you to customize your cabinet interior. The cabinet is also equipped with various accessory hooks and a styling shelf.


  • Durable, anodized body

  • Mirror back of the cabinet

  • Soft closing hinges

  • Holder for hair dryer

  • Space for accessories and styling

  1. Aquadom Royale Plus Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Aquadom Royale Plus Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Aquadom Royale Plus offers premium quality at an affordable price. The cabinet has a rust-proof body made of aluminum. Moreover, it comes with glass shelves and double-sided mirror doors. 

The soft-close hinges enhance the product’s appeal. Furthermore, like every Aquadom cabinet, the Royale Plus also features a defogger and LED lights with dimmers.


  • Rust-proof anodized cabinet frame

  • Three mirrors to improve functionality

  • 3x magnifying mirror and internal electrical outlets

  • Available in eight sizes 

  1. SIDLER XAMO Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

SIDLER® XAMO Single Door Medicine Cabinet

The SIDLER XAMO is a contemporary save as it amalgamates style with convenience and functionality. Additionally, the product has internal illumination through the internal night cover.

Alongside this, the XAMO Triple Door comes in two design styles: Standard and Deluxe. Moreover, the medicine cabinet comes with a night light feature as well. 

The product is complete with basic functioning features like a 2.5x magnifying mirror, adjustable glass shelves, and an LED light system with a long-lasting, rust-proof anodized body.


  • Dimmable LED lights

  • The night light switch is also built-in

  • Cabinet is mirror-backed

  • It contains a cosmetic box

  • Offers a two-year warranty

  • Free shipping

  1. SIDLER QUADRO Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

SIDLER® QUADRO Single Door Medicine Cabinet

The SIDLER QUADRO Triple Door is a modern, sleek product with technical finesse. Moreover, the product has an integration of LED lights. Alongside, they have a 1-10V dimmer as well.

The standout feature of this product is its night light function. The QUADRO comes with GFCI and USB ports, soft-close hinges, and a shelf adjustment system. Not to mention, the product has two size options and a choice in the lighting system.


  • 2.5x magnifying glass

  • 45-degree light frame

  • The LED lights are not sharp

  • Mirrored back and a cosmetic box

Buying Guide: Choose the Perfect Medicine Cabinet

Finding a product that gives you value for money can be difficult for a beginner. So, you should consider some practical things, like how big the product is compared to your space. Some basic parameters to judge the worth of a product include:

  • Product Quality

You should make sure that the product you purchase is of premium quality. Moreover, compare the features that different brands offer at different budgets. However, choose a brand that offers a warranty. Also, ensure that the brand uses a rust-proof material for the cabinet frame.

  • Brand Reliability 

The brand’s stature among its market competitors speaks volumes about its reliability. Instead of relying on unknown vendors, purchase your medicine cabinet from a trustworthy brand.

  • Customer Service

Considering that you may require help with the installation, choose a brand with customer service open 24/7. Also, consider brands that also offer shopping assistance. If possible, review the customer service report to determine the brand’s reliability.


  1. How to install medical cabinets?

First, installing a medical cabinet will depend on whether you want to mount it on the wall or put it in a hole. Secondly, you should follow the manufacturers’ guidelines that come with the medical cabinet to avoid mishaps.

  1. Can medical cabinets be wider than vanity?

Instead of a vanity, you should put it in a narrow medicine cabinet to keep the room looking clean. Also, make sure to leave sufficient space between the vanity and the cabinet to give it a clean look.

Final Thoughts

Adding a medicine cabinet to your bathroom is a great way to change the look of the room without needing to go to an outdoor lighting shop. Nevertheless, finding a cabinet that suits your interior can be challenging.

No matter what kind or size of medicine cabinet you're looking for, our list has a lot of options to meet your needs. In addition, you can browse through the main menu of our website for more options.

Also, before you check out, visit the previous page and the customer reviews to ensure you make the right choice.


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