The 7 Best Blue Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities come in various materials, looks, sizes, and styles. The best option for you may be a lovely, compact bathroom vanity in a cool, charming color.

Blue, save situations when it doesn’t match your general home aesthetic, makes an excellent pick for everything from bedding sets to bathroom vanities. The color beams inspiration and freedom while perfectly fitting into any modern bathroom décor. In this article, we’ll list the best blue bathroom vanities you can shop for.

Top 7 Blue Bathroom Vanity Options to Consider

1. BEMMA Design Gracie Single Bathroom Single Sink Vanity Set

BEMMA Design Gracie Single Bathroom Vanity Set

With a spark of color for your bathroom, the single sink vanity comes in a bold, classic design with a charming gold and silver touch. It is made so that you get the availability of storage for bathroom essentials and makeup. The vanity lights up the bathroom with its elegant finish and comes with two countertops: white quartz or a Carrara marble top.

The vanity set also includes a sink, a backsplash, and cabinet handles. However, it does not have a drain assembly, a faucet, a mirror, or mounting brackets. Keep in mind that you'll need an 8-inch wide faucet for this single-sink vanity.

In addition, take your time to find the right mirror for the vanity that complements it and matches the vibe of your interior. The price goes with the MDF's modern design, proving to be a good value for your money. 

The shipping will take three to five business days, though it is better to keep a buffer here.


  • Easy-to-clean countertops

  • Convenient and spacious

  • Two countertop options

2. Altair Ivy Double Blue Bathroom Vanity Set


Altair Ivy Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Altair Ivy is a simple and elegant option to shop for when it comes to navy blue bathroom vanities. This beautiful double vanity has clean lines and functionality, which is practical and comes with the best kind of construction. It is also incredibly convenient to install.

The material is solid wood and comes in three finishes; white, navy blue, and grey. It has a natural Carrara white marble top and two basins to ensure you and the people you live with are never late to work.

Its durable, modern design and reasonable price make it a good option when shopping for a vanity. Thanks to the manufacturer, the countertop is pre-drilled for two faucet holes and has three drawers and four doors. The good news is that it comes with a pair of matching mirrors to provide a complete look.


  • Availability of storage

  • Modern design

  • Has matching mirrors

3. Ancerre Elizabeth Single Bath Vanity Set

Ancerre Elizabeth Single Bath Vanity Set

The Ancerre Elizabeth Single Bathroom Vanity is a transitional design known to bring elegant harmony and cohesiveness to your bathroom. The vanity comes in a furniture-style chest drawer with a thick, imported marble top. It also has a backsplash, a wide rectangular basin, nice drawer boxes, and soft-closing doors that come brushed with gold or nickel.

However, the backsplash is included but not installed, and it does not come with a mirror. Also, you should check the size of the vanity to make sure it fits in the space you have and improves the look and feel of your bathroom.

Lastly, shipping can take up to 8 days, so you'll need to plan ahead.


  • Elegant design

  • It has a fancy gold or nickel touch

  • Enough storage

4. Wyndham Collection Beckett Double Bathroom Vanity

Wyndham Collection Beckett Double Bathroom Vanity

This elegant vanity has all that you can ask for. These navy blue bathroom vanities come with quality touches and in multiple colors to choose from. So you can easily pick the one that goes with your bathroom interior. 

There is a lot of storage capacity when we compare the Wyndham Collection Beckett Double Bathroom Vanity to other bathroom vanities. They come with double-depth lower drawers, which create great storage areas.

Moreover, it has several functional drawers, which are suitable for storage. It does come with a backsplash and plenty of countertop space.

Its elegant design and features deviate from the essence of the bathroom it is in. It has soft-close doors with bar handles.

Finding mirrors that match the bathroom vanity takes away a key feature: the aesthetic. However, it is one of the best deals on the market as it maintains its glorious feel and comes with a two-year warranty.

Lastly, the vanity has a pair of sinks with a great finish and enough space, making it one of the best deals to pick.


  • It comes with enough storage

  • Great price

  • Big enough for two or more people using the same bathroom

5. Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set

Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set

This is one of the most elegant bathroom vanities you can choose from. It comes in a French design, skillfully handcrafted. It is made of the most excellent wood and has durable soft-close hardware.

Moreover, the vanity is a furniture-style cabinet with a marble top and dual countertops with a bit of gold added to the finish. Although the package does not include a faucet and mirrors, along with all its other features, it comes with a wooden backsplash and a three-year warranty.


  • Elegant style

  • Nice storage capacity

  • A three-year warranty

6. Vinnova Modena Vanity with White Vessel Sink

Vinnova Modena Vanity with White Vessel Sink

This contemporary design adds to your room and makes everyone love it. The space availability you get with this sink would perfectly suffice for you. Furthermore, the inky black glass top adds to its style, making your bathroom look more elegant. 

The bathroom vanity comes with an elegant gold and satin nickel finish. Matching mirrors are optional with the sink, so you do not have to look for them separately. However, it would help to buy a faucet, drain pipes, and backsplash separately.


  • Different options for the finishing

  • Nice storage

  • Optional matching mirror

7. Vinnova Granada Single Vanity

Vinnova Granada Single Vanity

This Vinnova blue bathroom vanity will transform the look and feel of the entire room and add the required depth to it. It is also available in two more colors: white and Paris gray.

It comes with an earthy oak cabinet with white stones to give the vanity a contemporary style. There is plenty of storage space, and its price makes it a great deal compared to other vanities.

Moreover, it is compact and comes with a mirror and other accessories. The vanity was made with MDF, giving it a nice modern look that will last a long time.


  • It comes in multiple shades

  • It comes with a mirror

  • Compact

  • Durable material

Things to Consider When Buying Bathroom Vanities

If you need shopping assistance, here are the things to remember when buying a blue bathroom vanity.


First things first, consider the availability of space in your bathroom. Once you have that, you can easily match it with the vanity dimensions to see what fits well. This will save you a lot of time and effort.


Running after the accessories when they do not come with your bathroom vanity can be a deal breaker. Thus, ensure that the selected vanity comes with all the required accessories. Otherwise, it would be wise to pick the one that can easily go with a separately bought mirror, faucet, and other necessary pieces.  

Shipping Time

Everything aside, if the shipping takes more than 10 days, is it any good to you? This depends on how soon you need the vanity. So, make sure to check the shipping time before placing your order.


When shopping for your bathroom vanity, durability is an essential factor you should not forget. Keeping this in mind, make sure the vanity you choose is made of high-quality materials and will last a long time.


1. Do I need to consider the availability of space?

Yes, you need to see if your bathroom is narrow or wide and if it can accommodate the bathroom vanity properly or not. In short, your bathroom vanities should not make your bathroom look too overcrowded. 

2. Do I need to look at the sink types available?

The sink types vary in style. Some manufacturers keep it on the countertop, while others install it within the countertop. You should choose the right sink for you, keeping in mind that the sink is the most important thing in a vanity.

3. Can I consider the customer service report when I shop for bathroom vanities?

Yes, you can. Customer service can prove to be a great help when it comes to buying a vanity piece within or outside this list. Previous customers of different brands indicate through their reports that good customer service personnel understand what you are looking for and help you make the right pick. By looking up the reports, you can find out ahead of time if the brand’s customer service would be useful if you run into any problems. 


Blue is an elegant shade that will bring a nice pop of color to your bathroom with a classic vanity. With the new vanity, sufficient spacing, a nice mirror, and all your toiletries in a single place, it will be the perfect bathroom. Just remember to make your decision wisely by carefully comparing the options on our list. If you run into a problem or bug, contact the company’s customer service, open and promptly respond to their emails, and it should be resolved in no time.

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