The 9 Best Wood Bathroom Vanities

When buying a wooden bathroom vanity, you must consider several factors like durability and wood type. Some bathroom vanities don't hold up over time because of the quality of the wood used or because they weren't finished properly.

Therefore, if you are all about durability and elegance, you should only buy high-quality solid wood bathroom vanities. Investing in these types of vanities will save you money, and you don't have to worry about water damage or replacement.

All the products on this list are a combination of quality and style. You don't need to look elsewhere; this article is a complete list of the best solid-wood bathroom vanities on the market.

Best Wood Bathroom Vanities

1. Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity

Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity

This bathroom vanity is top on our list because of its elegance. You get the option of a double rectangular mirror and three distinct specifications - 60, 72, and 84 inches. This mirror has a touch sensor and LED lighting.

It is available in white and grey, and you can choose between a matted black or a gold hardware finish. The Vinnova Alistair double vanity has a white ceramic sink, four soft-closing doors, and two drawers with extra space to store your toiletries and towels.

Buying the Vinnova Alistair will save you money and change the outlook of your bathroom.

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2. Vinnova Toledo Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Vinnova Toledo Double Sink Bath Vanity

The Vinnova Toledo is similar to the Vinnova Alistair in elegance and specifications. You can opt to buy it with or without a double mirror with LED lights and a touch sensor. However, this double sink bath has cabinets made from waterproof boards to prevent water damage.

It has a white sintered stone finish and double ceramic sinks. The Vinnova Toledo is also integrated with a USB outlet and UL power, adding more class and a modern look to your bathroom.

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3. BEMMA Design Montauk Vanity Set

BEMMA Design Montauk 60" Double Bathroom Vanity

If you are not taken with the Vinnova Alistair and Toledo, then you should check out Bemma Design Montauk. This vanity has a high-end finish that makes your bathroom classy. It is made of solid engineered wood and has stylish storage and soft hinge doors.

It is 60 inches in size and is available in three colors - white oak, pure white, and morning fog gray. The Bemma Design Montauk also comes with a five-year guarantee - it is indeed a fantastic way to get quality and save money.

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4. Altair Wildy Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Altair Wildy Double Bathroom Vanity

Altair Wildy vanity perfectly blends style, texture, and storage. This item is perfect if you want a less cluttered bathroom, as there is an abundance of storage space. You also get to choose from two sizes - 60 and 72 inches and three colors - classical gray, washed oak, and black oak.

Altair is made from sturdy solid wood, and the cabinets are made from top-grade plywood. Another feature of Altair Wildy is its countertop which comes with a backsplash and double rectangular ceramic sinks

It is easy to install Altair Wildy double bathroom Vanity; you don’t need to assemble it since the company does that for you. All you have to do is install it, and it is ready for use. 

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5. BEMMA Design Terra Single Bathroom Vanity

Bemma Terra Vanity

Number five on our list is another Bemma design. The Bemma Terra vanity is a single vanity set with a high-end finish and solid wood construction. It comes with a single ceramic sink and an interior pocket drawer for extra space. This item is available in walnut color, and you can choose from four different sizes- 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches.

Like all Bemma design vanity sets, this item comes with a five-year guarantee and assured durability. The Bemma design Terra is suitable for small bathrooms and corridors. 

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6. Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity

The Alya Bath Sortino vanity is a great choice if you're shopping for a low-priced double vanity set for your bathroom. This vanity set has two white acrylic sinks, which are easy to clean and scratch-resistant. It is available in rosewood, gray and white colors, and you can add a mirror to your purchase, just like the Vinnova bathroom vanities.

The item is fully assembled, and the sinks are already attached to the cabinet to make it easier for you to install. This product also has enough storage space, three drawers, and two soft-closing doors. The Alya Bath Sortino vanity is a combination of modern style and elegance.

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7. Vinnova Cortes Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Vinnova Cortes Double Sink Bath Vanity

The Vinnova Cortes double sink bath is a beautiful bathroom vanity with a white composite countertop and a flawless finish. The ceramic sinks have a backsplash, reducing water contact with the wood.

This vanity comes with a back panel and a matte black finish for extra elegance. The Vinnova Cortes has two soft-closing doors on both sides and three drawers in the middle to provide spacious storage for your bathroom.

Available in two sizes and colors, this item is perfect if you want to add a farmhouse look to your bathroom.

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8. Vinnova Viella Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Vinnova Viella Double Sink Bath Vanity

The Vinnova Viella vanity set also has a white composite countertop and double sink, which gives it a clean and classy look. It is similar to the Vinnova Cortes but is modern and has more space.

This vanity set has two flip-down drawers, three soft-close drawers, and four soft-closing doors, providing you with enough space for your towels and toiletries. It is available in 60 and 72 inches and in gray and walnut colors.

Its white ceramic sinks also come with a backsplash. This vanity set is perfect for your bathroom, regardless of the size.

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9. BEMMA Design Terra Double Bathroom Vanity

Bemma Terra Double Vanity

We wrap up our list with another Bemma Design bathroom vanity. It is the double-bathroom vanity version of Bemma Design Terra. It is available in walnut color with a satin brass trim and double ceramic sink on a white quartz or Carrara marble countertop.

The Bemma Dessing Terra Double bathroom vanity is also integrated with a USB power outlet, soft-close doors, and hinges to add class to your bathroom. It has solid wood construction, interior pocket space, and drawers for extra storage.

With a five-year guarantee and durable finishing, you can't go wrong with a Bemma Design Terra vanity.

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All wood vanities on this list are durable, with premium solid wood construction and clear finishing to add elegance and class to your bathroom. Bathroom size is not an issue; you can pick a single bathroom vanity if your bathroom is small.

Add mirrors to your bathroom vanity purchase if you prefer a more modern look. Some of the mirrors have a touch sensor and LED lights that give your bathroom the unique look of a five-star hotel bathroom!

All products have different specifications and most products are pre-assembled. Everything is easy to install and comes with an installation manual.

Check out all the bathroom vanities on this list; they are made with high-end finishing and guaranteed durability. To access an item easily, filter the results by size, color, or price and select the bathroom vanity that suits your style.

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