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Top 10 Best Steam Shower (Updated - 2022)

Gone are the days where you had to rely on visiting a sauna away from home to get the benefits of a steam room. With today's technology, anyone can have their own home spa and enjoy a foot massage, steam room, body massage jets, aromatherapy system, and so much more all from the comfort of their own home! This is all thanks to add-on steam showers that can be placed in any residential or commercial bathroom.

With so many options to choose from, how you will you know which steam shower unit to choose from? Are steam showers even worth it? Below, we'll offer some advice on what to look for in the best steam shower, what features every new steam shower should have, and how much you can expect to pay for the best steam showers. Best of all, we'll give you some tips on how to install your steam shower and all the benefits of this modern shower room. You might want to invest in a steam shower enclosure, or get help to turn your existing shower into an elegant steam shower. We'll show you which of these options is better for you and your home.

Investing in a new steam shower might just be the best decision you'll make for your home and your health!

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What Is A Steam Shower?

We all have a traditional shower in our home. You hop in the tub, turn on the shower head, rinse and repeat. Some home showers have more features to add on to the typical shower experience, such as rain showerheads, benches, and elegant glass door coverings. However, steam showers add so much more to someone's shower experience, including additional health benefits, relaxation, and luxury.

A steam shower is a type of shower that releases steam while someone is showering. A steam shower is an upright, freestanding unit that uses a steam shower generation attached to a separate steam head to function. If you're wondering how does a steam shower work, it's a fairly simple process. A steam generator heats water, which then releases steam into the shower enclosure through a separate steam head. Control panels are used to help someone navigate the settings of their steam shower and control their steam shower generator. With the help of a control panel, generator power, and a steam head, enough steam is produced to help mimic a traditional steam sauna, all from the comfort of someone's own bathroom!

What Are The Benefits Of A Steam Shower?

If you regularly visit a steam sauna, you might already be aware of the many health benefits of steam. Modern steam showers have an incredible amount of benefits, the least of which is a luxurious steam shower experience. Below are some of the best steam shower benefits you can experience.

Health Benefits

Steam has long been used in ancient cultures for its health benefits. Native Americans used sweat lodges to purify the body, get rid of toxins, and for ceremonial purposes where steam would help someone get in touch with one's creator. Ancient romans used steam rooms where large water vessels were heated below ground and let in to steam rooms for those visiting Roman baths.

The health benefits of steam have been recently studied, and have incredible backing by scientific experts. For instance, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, steam has been shown to help reduce symptoms of cold and nasal congestion when inhaled, hence the use of steam humidifiers. Other respiratory illnesses that can benefit from steam showers include:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis

These are all conditions that can greatly impact someone's quality of life, but can all be alleviated by a good steam shower system.

The health benefits of steam showers aren't just limited to respiratory illnesses, however. Researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland have shown that regularly using steam showers has been shown to help lower high blood pressure, a condition known as hypertension. Having hypertension can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks.

Skin Benefits

Having your own steam shower can also help promote skin health, especially on facial skin. Using steam helps open up pores of the skin, which allows dead bacteria, trapped oils, and dirt to be released.

Steam baths help your face appear smooth and clean, while also helping promote blood flow, circulation, and collagen production.

A regular steam bath can also help your skin be more porous and readily absorb lotions and creams. This means you'll get the added benefits of skin care products along with the benefits of steam on your skin!

Relaxation and Mental Health

How much better can steam showers get? Well, they're also beneficial for mental health! This is especially true if your steam shower has built-in body massage jets, which in and of themselves can help reduce muscle tension, muscle soreness, and help someone relax.

Using a steam shower also heats up the body, causing it to be in a state of hyperthermia. Hyperthermia has been shown to increase levels of B-endorphins in the body, which is the same as those produced during exercise! These endorphins can help boost mood and alleviate symptoms of depression, according to a study conducted by scientists at the University of Wisconsin.

Imagine how relaxed you'll feel coming home to your very own steam bath!

Added Home Value

Whether you're looking to invest in stand-alone steam shower units, or convert your regular shower stall into a steam shower, there's more added home value than there is cost to invest in a steam shower according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Even small bathrooms can accommodate a steam shower, meaning you can convert your conventional shower and add an air of luxury to your home while also enticing new home buyers to bet big on your home.

How Can I Install A Steam Shower?

Before we begin to show you which are the best steam showers for your home, it's important to first make a decision between converting your home's shower using a steam shower kit, or investing in help from contractors to install a steam shower.

If you have prior contracting experience in bathroom remodeling or experience in architecture, you can easily install your own steam shower unit and convert your old shower. To do so, you must first choose the best steam generator.

Choosing The Best Steam Generators

All steam showers are powered by steam generators. These are about the size of a small suitcase and can work to deliver steam to all shower sizes. You can choose to invest in a steam generator, but it must be properly installed.

A steam generator can only be, at a maximum distance from a shower, usually 50 to 60 feet from a steam shower. It also has to be big enough to steam up a smaller or larger steam shower. For instance, a 3kw steam generator would be enough for a compact steam shower around 105 cubic feet. Other larger steam showers must use a bigger steam generator. For instance, a 675 cubic foot steam shower would require a 15 kw steam generator.

Once you decide on the size and power of a steam generator, you must also consider whether you want to install it in another part of your bathroom, in a closet, or other area close by. Fortunately, most pre-designed steam showers have a built-in steam generator, so you don't have to guess which size you'll need.

Pre-Designed Steam Shower Unit

Luckily, most steam showers can be built with the help of two people and then connected to your home's water lines! These steam showers are pre-designed with the finest details and can even be bought online. They will ship to your home in just a couple of days.

They come complete with a steam shower generator, a built in heating limiter, glass doors, digital control panel setup, shower head, and other amenities. All you have to do is build the steam shower enclosure and then hook it up to your home.

Keep in mind, you still might need to consult with a contractor for help with these steam showers. If you're not comfortable building a steam shower yourself, you can always seek outside help. Whatever you choose to do, remember that steam showers are worth the investment.

Converting Your Entire Bathroom

You can also choose to convert your own shower by doing some upgrades to your bathroom. Start with purchasing a steam generator and installing it near your steam shower. There are various steam generators you can choose from, so it's important to know which will give the best moist heat and benefits.

In addition, a ventilation fan must also be installed in your bathroom to help prevent excess moisture from accumulating in smaller bathrooms. These fans must not be installed in the shower itself, but outside in the bathroom. All light fixtures within the shower must also be protected from excess moisture.

Your shower enclosure must truly be an enclosed space, with no way of steam being able to escape. The shower enclosure must also be covered in tile, concrete, stone, or other material that won't absorb water over time.

All walls and flooring have to include added moisture protection. In addition, if you want to install a digital control panel, you'll have to know how to deal with its electrical system as well if you're installing it yourself.

These are just some of the many things contractors will consider if you choose to hire them. In short, if you want to install a steam shower shower in your home, it's certainly possible but must be done with lots of considerations in mind. On the contrary, a separate steam shower enclosure can be easily installed by contractors, and these already come with built-in amenities and luxury features.

What To Look For In The Best Steam Shower

To save you time and money, look for a steam shower that already comes with a built-in steam generator. On many units, this is a standard.

Next, look for showers that have amenities, such as a rainfall showerhead that can make you feel as if you're in a tropical paradise. Look for top steam showers that have body massage jets, or at the very least a foot massage attachment. This will help you relax and unwind after a tough day.

Your steam shower must have a control panel that is easy to, well, control! You'll want to choose a steam shower that has a remote control that you can use to control led lighting, aromatherapy and essential oils, massage jets, even music though FM radio. Touch screen control panel systems are also a great option.

Finally, get a steam shower that matches your aesthetic style. Choose from finishes such as platinum, chrome, matte black, or stark white finishes.

Now that you know all about steam showers, check out our picks for the best ones below!

1. Maya Bath Arezzo Steam Shower

Best Steam Shower

This beautiful corner steam shower is affordable, luxurious, and is chock full of amenities for a pleasurable steam experience. This corner steam shower has stainless steel finishes and a modern, chic, European design. Its 37” x 37” frame makes it easy to install in any bathroom.

Some of the best amenities with this shower include six back massage jets and four body massage jets aimed directly on the back for maximum pain relief. A handheld showerhead helps make this a romantic experience for couples. FM radio is also standard, along with a waterproof remote control to help control ambient LED lighting, surround sound speakers, and a 12" LCD TV display. This shower truly provides an all-around home spa experience.

Best of all, it keeps safety in mind, and has a built-in temperature detector, ozone sterilization system to kill off bacteria and ensure a healthy steam experience, and an automatic safety shutoff.

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2. Maya Bath Lucca Steam Shower

Best Steam Shower

This is another fabulous steam shower that has all the benefits of steam without the large footprint. At only 47" x 33" x 88", this is a great addition to the master's suite or main bathroom in any home. It comes equipped with a rainfall shower head with blue fluorescent lighting to give you that exotic, tropical experience you deserve.

It is powered by a 5kw steam generator which produces more steam quickly so you can experience the best health benefits right away. Have an important meeting coming up, or expecting a call from that romantic partner? This team shower also has Bluetooth capacity to accept incoming calls, hands-free! You won't miss a word either, since this shower also comes with surround sound for FM radio, your personal music, or your phone calls.

For some added relaxation, enjoy four full body massage jets and six back massage jets, recessed and out of view.

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3. Maya Bath Superior Steam Shower


Best Steam Shower


This steam shower truly gives the user a full home spa experience. Users can not only get the benefits of a hot steam shower, but also experience the built-in whirlpool tub that comes with the Maya Bath Superior. Taking a whirlpool bath can soak your body in warm, gentle, bubbling water. This has been shown to reduce aches and pains in joints, as well as increase circulation and blood flow around the body.

The whirlpool bathtub on this unit comes equipped with 16 body massage jets, foot massage, and two headrests for a romantic experience! Underwater LED lights are sure to complete the mood as well.

This dual unit allows you to experience the health benefits of a whirlpool bath and steam shower all in one! Best of all, choose from a variety of colors and finishes, including white, black, gray, or luxurious red. These colors coupled with the unit's fog-free mirror and curved design are sure to be a stand-out and centerpiece of any bathroom.

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4. Maya Bath Siena Steam Shower


Best Steam Shower


This is one of the best shower room systems in the market. This shower room comes complete with four back massage jets, six body massage jets, foot massage jets, and aromatherapy with essential oils to help immerse you in a world of relaxation. You can also enjoy the rainfall shower head, separate handheld showerhead attachments, and fluorescent mood lighting.

At 67" x 51" x 88", this steam shower room can fit well in any bathroom. Not only can you enjoy a rainfall shower and steam sauna, but this unit also has a whirlpool bath complete with underwater lighting to help you feel surrounded in luxury.

This unit also comes equipped with a ventilation fan to help keep an optimum steam density within your shower stall. Did we mention you can also enjoy your steam session with surround-sound speakers? This shower room is MP3 and CD compatible, has an FM radio input, and also comes with a water-proof 8.4" LCD screen!

To top it all off, a four-liter mini fridge on the outside of your shower and storage shelves within the unit complete the luxurious, home spa experience of this steam shower.

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5. Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Shower Enclosure

Best Steam Shower

This is a smaller steam shower that still has all the amenities and benefits of a larger steam shower. Its 3kw steam generator produces steam to help you relax after a long, hard days work. This steam shower is finished in black and comes with blue lighting and glass doors.

This gives this steam shower an ultra modern look.

This steam shower also comes equipped with a rainfall shower head, an adjustable handheld shower head, and six body massage jets for ultimate muscle relaxation. Best of all, this steam shower has a lifetime warranty, so if any defects are found, you can simply return it for a new one.

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6. Ariel Platinum Black Steam Shower

Best Steam Shower

The Ariel Platinum shower takes up no more space than a regular shower. It can fit into a 60 x 32 bathtub size, meaning you can enjoy the ariel steam shower with little changes to your bathroom!

The Ariel Platinum comes equipped with an LCD computer control panel, built-in FM radio, and a 6kW steam generator for an ultra high-luxury and advanced technology experience.

This shower also comes equipped with a whopping 20 body massage jets, dual ceiling rain shower, and an aromatherapy system to help you get the most out of your steam session.

Best of all, this steam shower is also ETL certified. This is a certification given to products that have been tested for safety, so you can use your shower with the peace of mind knowing that your safety has been guaranteed.

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7. Maya Bath Catania Steam Shower

Best Steam Shower

We love the different color options this steam shower comes with, including black, white, and gray. You can find the right color to fit into any bathroom! Of course, this steam shower also provides a steam experience like no other.

It comes equipped with a computerized steam shower massage bathtub complete with an outstanding 27 whirlpool massage jets, which is almost unheard of! You get the whirlpool massage jets, along with 7 acupuncture massage jets and colorful fluorescent mood lighting.

This shower is one of our favorites because it also comes with a computerized LCD control panel to help you power the attached 12" smart TV, phone, FM radio, and Bluetooth that comes with this unit.

This unit is also friendly for those with balance issues, as two hand rails come attached to help people keep balance and enjoy all the benefits of this steam shower.

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8. Orion Plus Steam Shower

Best Steam Shower

This 59 in. x 40 in. x 86 in. has a black finishing that looks stunning in any existing bathroom. It has a natural appearance with its faux wood flooring and two oak stools.

Enjoy its 8 body massage jets, FM radio and RCA Output, and chromotherapy colored lighting! Coupled with its 8 inch rainfall shower and its built-in aromatherapy system, this is one steam shower that can help you feel as if you're in a tropical paradise.

There's a good reason this steam shower has a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating on Home Depot's website.

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9. Mesa 500XL Walk-In Steam

Best Steam Shower

This steam shower has a unique, blue tint that gives it an exotic, futuristic look! The Mesa 500XL comes with a 3kw steam generator, 6 acupuncture body jets, an adjustable shower head, and a beautiful rainfall shower head.

This is a steam shower that is elegant, simple, yet effective at providing all of the health benefits of steam in a beautiful, compact space.

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10. Mesa Rectangular Steam Shower With Jetted Tub

Best Steam Shower

This steam shower has all the benefits of a steam shower with added amenities. These include 6 hydro massage jets, in addition to 6 acupuncture jets, blue LED lighting, and a rainfall ceiling shower. 

Enjoy the built-in seating so you can enjoy your shower with comfort. The foot massage in this steam shower allow you to sit back and feel pampered in your very own home.

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Finding The Best Steam Shower For Your Home

These steam showers above are some of the best, pre-designed units you can easily outfit into any home bathroom. It's much easier to use these units than having to go through the process of re-designing and building a steam shower in your bathroom.

Nevertheless, whether you choose to go for one of these best steam shower units or choose to upgrade your existing shower, there's no better investment in your health and home than a steam shower!

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