The 8 Best Bathroom Vanities for a Rental Property

If you’re considering putting a property up for rent, getting some renovations done can help you get vastly better offers. Yes, the bedrooms and kitchen are important parts of the house that get a lot of traffic. However, the bathroom is an area you can quickly transform with a few simple changes. Here are the best bathroom vanities for a rental property

Best Bathroom Vanities for a Rental Property 

Vinnova Alistair Vanity

Alistair Single Vanity Set

Vinnova Alistair Single Vanity

The single vanity from Vinnova is both roomy and small, making it the best bathroom vanity for rental properties. It comes in a lot of color options. The stone countertop looks classy which adds to it's overall aesthetic- much to the appreciation of it's users. 


  • Compact and elegant
  • It comes with a pre-drilled faucet hole
  • Available in black and gold finishes 
  • It has a matching mirror

    Alistair Double Vanity Set 

    Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity

    When it comes to the Double Vinnova Alistair Vanity, you get a vanity with solid wood and plywood construction. It comes with excellent storage space and adds to the beauty of the bathroom. Plus, it is extremely easy to install. 


    • It has a lot of storage space
    • Great look and quality
    • Matching mirrors are available for those who want it
    • It comes in two great color options 
    • The vanity design has a great finish

      Bemma Designs Gracie Vanity

      Gracie Single Bathroom Vanity Set 

      Gracie Single Bathroom Vanity

      With solid wood construction and a five-year warranty, this single vanity set offers the best value for money. People have termed it spacious and compact at the same time. Its strategic construction is commendable. It comes in unique colors and has an excellent finish.


      • Compact
      • Designed elegantly
      • Enough storage space, with drawers and inner cubbies
      • It comes with a five-year warranty
      • Has a power/USB outlet

        Gracie Double Bathroom Vanity Set 

        Gracie Double Bathroom Vanity Set

        This double countertop variant comes with a high-end finish and a five-year warranty. As per the reviews, it significantly improves the bathroom's look. It's a great buy because it looks great and has enough storage space with two countertops.


        • Spacious
        • Sturdy build 
        • High end finishing
        • It has a USB outlet

          Bemma Designs Montauk Vanity

          Montauk Single Bathroom Vanity Set

          Montauk Single Bathroom Vanity Set

          This single countertop variant is casual yet highly sophisticated. It comes in different sizes, including 30, 36, and 48 inches. Thus, you can pick according to your available space. You'll also enjoy multiple color and countertop options. 


          • Different size options 
          • Beautiful minimalistic finish
          • Enough storage space
          • 5-year product warranty 

            Montauk Double Bathroom Vanity Set

            Montauk Double Bathroom Vanity Set

            This 60-inch countertop can easily fit into different themes with the given color variations. From light oak to pure white, it all blends in pretty well. Moreover, it has sufficient storage space for two people. 


            • Solid wood construction 
            • Multiple wood color variations 
            • Functional storage
            • It comes with an under-mount sink 
            • Five-year warranty

              Bemma Designs Terra Vanity

              Terra Walnut Single Vanity

              Terra Single Bathroom Vanity Set

              Bemma has excellent craftsmanship, stylish and functional storage, and a high-quality finish. People choose it for its durability and elegance. The usable space on the countertop is highly appreciated. This variant comes with functionally integrated storage shelves, which add to the user's convenience.


              • Durable and functional storage shelves
              • Elegant countertop finishing
              • Has enough space on the countertop 
              • Compact yet not inconveniently small
              • Multiple size variations 
              • Five-year warranty

                Terra Wall-Mounted Single Vanity

                Terra Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set

                This wall-mounted single vanity is an excellent addition to small bathrooms. It comes in two sizes: 24 and 36 inches, which helps you pick the right one as per the available space. Moreover, it comes with four top-trim options to choose from.   


                • Four top-trim options 
                • Easy to install 
                • Great functional storage
                • Five-year warranty

                  KubeBath Bliss Vanity

                  Single Wall-Mounted Modern Bathroom Vanity

                  KubeBath Bliss Single Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity

                  The single vanity has an acrylic sink and multiple options for the paint finish. From glossy white to dark blue, you can find any shade of your liking. Even though this vanity set is just one piece, it comes in sizes ranging from 24 to 60 inches. 


                  • Aesthetic paint finishes  
                  • Convenient soft-closing hardware
                  • Functional storage space
                  • Installation hardware is included
                  • It comes with a year's warranty

                    Double Wall-Mounted Modern Bathroom Vanity

                    KubeBath Bliss Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity

                    The KubeBath Bliss double vanity has a beautiful minimalist look. Considering the size, it offers a convenient storage space for two people. Moreover, you can choose from 60, 72, and 80 inches to ensure it fits the space. We appreciate its sturdy wooden construction, which is made to last a long time. 


                    • Elegant and minimalist design 
                    • Six colors to choose from
                    • Three size options 
                    • Durable 
                    • Installation hardware included
                    • It comes with a one-year warranty

                      Alma EDI Vanity

                      Alma EDI Vanity

                      This modern wall-mounted single vanity by Alma EDI is the go-to option for most homeowners trying to get the best value for money. Not only is the vanity extremely aesthetic, but it is also durable enough to last a long time. 

                      It comes with a black acrylic sink and high-quality European hardware, which further adds to its value. Lastly, you can choose from five different sizes to suit your preference. They range from 24 inches to 48 inches. 


                      • Vanity comes fully assembled
                      • Durable finish
                      • Aesthetic appearance 
                      • Five sizes to choose from 
                      • Sink has overflow
                      • One year warranty

                        Ancerre Design Audrey Vanity

                        48-inch Single Bathroom Vanity 

                        Ancerre Audrey Single Bath Vanity Set

                        While featuring a classic French design, this vanity gives your bathroom a sophisticated look like none other. With the beautiful color options Ancerre offers for this vanity, you'll have no trouble blending it with your overall interior. Its size might be a little big for a single vanity, but that also offers more storage space. 


                        • Italian marble top
                        • Soft close doors and drawers
                        • Built-in leg leveler
                        • It has a lot of color options
                        • It comes with a lot of functional space
                        • Three-year warranty

                          Double Bath Vanity Set With Marble Countertop

                          Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set

                          Unlike most others, the Ancerre Audrey Double Vanity is made by hand out of hardwood, which makes it more durable than any other. The Italian Carrara marble top further enhances its elegance, and the two size options, 60 and 72 inches, offer more storage and functionality.


                          • Spacious and durable 
                          • Soft close doors and drawers
                          • Built-in leg leveler
                          • Three-year warranty

                            Vinnova Palencia Vanity

                            Single Wall Mount Vanity With Square Sink

                            Vinnova Palencia Single Sink Wall-Mount Bath Vanity

                            We love Vinnova Palencia Vanity for its solid and sturdy material, which makes it long-lasting. The size range for this wall-mounted vanity has made it easier for people to fit it in almost any bathroom. 


                            • Compact
                            • Good storage space
                            • Wood finish 
                            • Two color options for countertops
                            • Getting a mirror is optional

                              Double Wall Mount Vanity

                              Vinnova Palencia Double Sink Wall-Mount Bath Vanity

                              The double countertop variant is a magnificent piece that adds elegance to the room. People love it for its functional storage space and reliable craftsmanship.


                              • Sufficient storage space
                              • Elegant finish
                              • It brings an earthy feel to the bathroom
                              • Easy plumbing and faucet installation
                              • One year warranty


                                When looking for the best bathroom vanity for a rental property, you need to think about how it is made, how it looks, how it is installed, and how much space it takes up. That's what we have looked for precisely and sorted out the eight best options on the market today. Do check them out and share your opinion too. Happy shopping!

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