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Top 5 Best Bathroom Vanity Brands

Bathroom vanities have different styles, materials, and designs. They add storage to your bathrooms and complete their decor. The ideal bathroom vanity will complement the room's existing design without adding unnecessary bulk.

In addition, the vanity you select for the bathroom should reflect your individual style while still fitting in with the room's overall design and aesthetic. A bathroom vanity is an investment that lasts for several years. It is important to settle for nothing less than the best.

This article covers the best bathroom vanity brands with different styles and designs to help you pick the best one for you.

Best Bathroom Vanity Brands

  1. Bemma Designs
  2. Vinnova Designs
  3. Ancerre Designs
  4. KubeBath
  5. Wyndham Collection

1. Bemma Designs

Bemma Design Vanities

The vanities from Bemma Design are currently all the rage. You can enjoy any style, design, or material according to your choice.  They are well-known for the superior craftsmanship and refined designs of their vanities.

There is a wide variety of bathroom vanities to choose from in traditional, modern, and transitional styles. The vanities are constructed from high-quality wood and fitted with luxurious fixtures. In addition, the products are safe and durable, and they give you more storage in your bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom vanities, the quality of workmanship offered by Bemma designs is second to none. The three primary groups of Bemma bathroom vanities are named Gracie, Terra, and Montauk. There is a wide variety of styles, materials, and designs to select from within these broad classes.


  • Sleek edges
  • Contemporary style
  • Drain assembly and sinks available
  • Wall-mounted and free vanity choices
  • Multiple width options
  • Different base colors
  • Complete hardware

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    2. Vinnova Designs

    Vinnova Vanities

    Vinnova has an exceptional team of designers to provide you with premium-quality bathroom vanities. They provide professionally-manufactured bathroom vanities, furniture, and other products.

    You can enjoy traditional and modern bathroom vanities with different features. Their vanities have drawers to provide you with extra space. They also feature a cabinet and door to match the toilet and sink in the bathroom.

    Vinnova designs provide different products such as bathtubs, faucets, showers, sinks, and toilets. You can also order industry-standard products for your home and offices.

    Alistair, Zaragoza, Charlotte, Valencia, Palma, Alicante, Sevilla, Viella, Shannon, Modena, Florence, and many more are just a few of Vinnova's primary types of bathroom vanities. Inside these categories are a plethora of sub-categories, giving you a wealth of possibilities from which to select the ideal bathroom vanity.


    • Beautiful cabinet designs
    • Single and double sinks are available
    • High-quality and durable wood
    • Modern-style bathroom vanities
    • Different base colors

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      3. Ancerre Designs

      Ancerre Designs Vanities

      Ancerre Designs' bathroom vanities and accessories are widely regarded as some of the most fashionable in the industry. With their dedicated production staff, they are able to produce bathroom vanities of the highest quality. The wide variety of vanity sets available makes it easy to find one that perfectly matches your existing bathroom decor.

      You can choose from single, double, double-wide, and extra-wide vanities for your bathroom. The company is also one of the best hardware store in the United States, selling high-quality items, including sinks, vanities, cabinets, drawers, doors, and more.

      You may furnish your living room, dining room, and even your bathroom with handcrafted pieces from the mid-century era. Their vanities' edges are just as smooth and attractive, attesting to the high quality of their construction. Ancerre Designs offers handcrafted bathroom vanities in a wide variety of fashionable styles and price points.

      Elizabeth, Audrey, Aspen, Adeline, Hayley, Tory, etc. are just a few of Ancerre Designs' most popular collections. Among the many styles and types of vanities available from Ancerre, single and double-sink options are available in every collection.


      • Trendy modern-style vanities
      • Durable materials
      • Different categories of bathroom vanities
      • Creates leading furniture
      • Complete hardware variety
      • Online and physical store

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        4. KubeBath

        KubeBath Vanities

        Known for their eco-friendly and long-lasting products, KubeBath is a one-stop shop for all your bathroom fitting needs. They have become a standard-bearer in the modern American bathroom vanity market by employing cutting-edge technologies.

        Having one-of-a-kind, affordably priced vanities for bathrooms is what gets people in the door. In addition, KubeBath has distribution warehouses in Toronto and California.

        Bliss, Dolce, Eiffel, Haus, Cisco, Divario, DeLusso, Milano, and Busco are some of their notable bathroom vanity brands. Check these popular choices out today!

        In all these categories, there is a wall-mounted vanity, a free vanity, and a sink option. KubeBath bathroom vanities complete your bathroom with elegance.


        • Multiple base colors, including white
        • Durable bathroom vanities
        • complete furniture set available
        • Nice finish
        • Top quality materials

        Shop KubeBath Vanities

          5. Wyndham Collection

          Wyndham Collection Vanities

          When you think of high-quality furniture sets, bathroom vanities, faucets, toilets, etc., you probably think of Wyndham Collection. Luxury timber furniture and custom bathroom vanities are the company's forte.

          They make indoor and outdoor furniture that is tailored to the customer's exact specifications. In addition, they provide a wide variety of fully-stocked closets, bathroom vanities, media cabinets, and other ingenious storage options for your house.

          They use modern machinery in a time-honored way to blend materials like wood, glass, textiles, and metal. The edges are also well-designed and give the product a polished look.

          Among the many different types of vanities available, the Wyndham Collection features the Beckett, Deborah, Miranda, and Avery lines. There are separate sections for wall-mounted, freestanding, double, and single vanities within each of their main categories. In addition, many of the vanities have a marble countertop, which serves as the finishing touch.

          Some vanities in the Wyndham Collection also include mirrors with wooden frames. Wall-mounted mirrors are installed independently of the vanity.


          • Marble countertop
          • Complete hardware store
          • Modern furniture construction
          • White base color available
          • Top quality vanities
          • complete water drainage system
          • Durable for years
          • Large and small sizes are available

          Shop Wyndham Collection Vanities

            Bathroom Vanity Categories

            A bathroom vanity can be broken down into subsets based on its mounting method, base color, sink, and overall width. Typically, the width might be anywhere from 18" to 84". Additionally, single or double sinks can be installed in any vanity, depending on its width.

            Furthermore, the vanity's base color differs by the manufacturer; in the event of a bespoke vanity, the base color is selected by the customer. However, white, gray, brown, and blue are the usual choices for the base color. In addition, the amount of shelves and compartments varies by manufacturer and buyer preference.

            Therefore, you can style your bathroom and give it a modern look by buying any bathroom vanity, whether it is contemporary, traditional, or transitional. 


            Many different manufacturers provide their own versions of bathroom vanities online. But you must determine whether or not the quality of their construction can be relied upon. That's why we listed the specifications for the top five bathroom vanity manufacturers available today.

            This article covers all the details about the material quality, categories, and types of vanities available in the stores by these brands. You can also order customized vanities according to the bathroom space and required features.

            Additionally, you can modify the vanity's features by adding or removing cabinet styles, drawer kinds, making it a more traditional or contemporary vanity, etc. Finally, the aforementioned manufacturers offer more than just bathroom vanities; they also sell a variety of stylish wood furniture, both classic and modern, perfect for sprucing up your home.

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