Top 5 Best Bathroom Vanity Brands

Embark on a journey to redefine your bathroom space with the perfect blend of style, functionality, and enduring quality.

Our exploration spans five distinguished brands — Bemma Design, Vinnova Design, Ancerre Designs, KubeBath, and Wyndham Collection — each contributing a unique touch to the world of bathroom vanities.

From Bemma Design's superior craftsmanship to Ancerre Designs' commitment to fashion, these brands cater to diverse tastes. Delve into the eco-friendly offerings of KubeBath and the luxury timber expertise of Wyndham Collection. But the journey doesn't stop there. Understand the intricacies of bathroom vanity categories, discovering mounting methods, base colors, sink options, and overall widths.

Whether you lean towards modern, traditional, or transitional aesthetics, our guide empowers you to make an informed choice. Elevate your bathroom experience, as we unravel the best in bathroom vanity design, style, and durability, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.


Best Bathroom Vanity Brands


BEMMA Designs

BEMMA Designs, Gracie 60 inch Double Sink Vanity


Bemma Design has become a trendsetter in the realm of bathroom vanities, and it's easy to see why. Boasting an extensive selection of styles, designs, and materials, these vanities allow you to effortlessly find the perfect match for your bathroom décor. Renowned for their superior craftsmanship and refined designs, Bemma Design vanities stand out for their high-quality construction using materials like wood, stone, and metal, ensuring longevity in the face of daily use.

The advantages of choosing Bemma Design vanities are numerous:

  1. High-Quality Materials and Construction: Crafted from premium materials, Bemma Design vanities are built to withstand the test of time.

  2. Variety of Styles and Designs: From traditional to modern to transitional, the wide range of styles ensures a perfect fit for any bathroom aesthetic.

  3. Luxurious Fixtures: Featuring soft-close drawers, high-end faucets, and designer hardware, Bemma Design vanities exude luxury.

  4. Safety and Durability: With rounded corners and non-slip surfaces, these vanities prioritize safety and durability.

  5. Ample Storage Options: Bemma Design vanities offer various storage solutions, including drawers, shelves, and cabinets, promoting an organized and clutter-free bathroom.

  6. Superior Craftsmanship: Known for meticulous craftsmanship, each Bemma Design vanity is created with care and attention to detail.

Moreover, the brand emphasizes sustainability through eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. Backed by excellent customer service and a warranty, Bemma Design ensures a hassle-free experience. If you're in search of a high-quality, stylish, and sustainable bathroom vanity, Bemma Design emerges as an excellent choice with its diverse array of styles, designs, and materials to suit your unique preferences.

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      Vinnova Designs

      Zaragoza 60" Double Sink Vanity in Washed Ash, by Vinnova Designs


      Explore the world of premium-quality bathroom vanities with Vinnova Design, where an exceptional team of designers is dedicated to delivering excellence. Professionally-manufactured vanities, furniture, and other products showcase Vinnova's commitment to providing top-tier options for your bathroom.

      Pros of Vinnova Design vanities:

      1. Beautiful Cabinet Designs: Vinnova's vanities stand out with captivating and aesthetically pleasing cabinet designs, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

      2. Versatility in Sink Options: Whether you prefer single or double sinks, Vinnova Design offers versatile choices to suit your preferences and bathroom layout.

      3. High-Quality and Durable Wood: Crafted from high-quality and durable wood, Vinnova vanities ensure longevity, standing up to the rigors of daily use in the bathroom.

      4. Modern-Style Options: Embrace modern design aesthetics with Vinnova's range of bathroom vanities, blending contemporary style with functional features.

      5. Different Base Colors: Vinnova provides a spectrum of base colors, allowing you to personalize your bathroom space according to your taste and existing decor.

      Dive into Vinnova's diverse product offerings, extending beyond vanities to include bathtubs, faucets, showers, sinks, and toilets. Their extensive range, featuring collections like Alistair, Zaragoza, Charlotte, and more, ensures a plethora of possibilities for selecting the ideal bathroom vanity. Elevate your bathroom experience with Vinnova Design's fusion of style, quality, and versatility.

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          Ancerre Designs

          Hannah 48 inch Single Sink Vanity by Ancerre Designs


          Discover the epitome of fashion and quality in the bathroom industry with Ancerre Designs, celebrated for their stylish bathroom vanities and accessories. Fueled by a dedicated production staff, Ancerre Designs consistently delivers top-tier vanities crafted to the highest standards, ensuring enduring quality. The extensive range of vanity sets caters to diverse tastes, offering the perfect match for your existing bathroom decor.

          Pros of Ancerre Designs vanities:

          1. Trendy Modern-Style Vanities: Ancerre Designs leads the industry with trendy and modern-style vanities, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with functionality.

          2. Durable Materials: Embrace lasting durability with vanities crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring resilience in the face of daily use.

          3. Different Categories of Bathroom Vanities: Choose from a diverse selection, including single, double, double-wide, and extra-wide vanities, allowing you to customize your bathroom space.

          4. Leading Furniture Creation: Ancerre Designs extends beyond vanities, positioning itself as a leading furniture creator, offering handcrafted pieces from the mid-century era for your living room, dining room, and bathroom.

          5. Complete Hardware Variety: As one of the best hardware stores in the United States, Ancerre Designs provides a comprehensive range of high-quality items, including sinks, vanities, cabinets, drawers, doors, and more.

          Explore the allure of mid-century handcrafted pieces in collections like Elizabeth, Audrey, Aspen, Adeline, and Hayley, each exemplifying Ancerre Designs' commitment to fashionable styles and varied price points. With single and double-sink options available in every collection, Ancerre Designs ensures a tailored approach to your bathroom needs. Benefit from the convenience of both online and physical stores, making Ancerre Designs a versatile choice for your bathroom transformation.

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              Eiffel 60 Inch Double Sink Vanity with Quartz Counter Top by KubeBath

              Elevate your bathroom experience with KubeBath, a renowned name synonymous with eco-friendly and enduring bathroom products. As a trusted one-stop shop for all your bathroom fitting needs, KubeBath has emerged as a standard-bearer in the modern American bathroom vanity market, leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

              Pros of KubeBath vanities:

              1. Multiple Base Colors, Including White: KubeBath offers a diverse color palette, including the timeless appeal of white, allowing you to personalize your bathroom space effortlessly.

              2. Durable Bathroom Vanities: Known for durability, KubeBath's vanities are crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable addition to your bathroom.

              3. Complete Furniture Set Available: Experience convenience with KubeBath's complete furniture sets, streamlining the process of enhancing your bathroom's elegance with cohesive and complementary pieces.

              4. Nice Finish: KubeBath takes pride in delivering vanities with a nice finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor.

              5. Top-Quality Materials: Employing top-quality materials, KubeBath ensures that their vanities not only look exquisite but also meet high standards of durability and functionality.

              Discover the allure of KubeBath's notable bathroom vanity brands such as Bliss, Dolce, Eiffel, and more. These collections cater to diverse preferences, offering wall-mounted and freestanding vanities, along with various sink options. With distribution warehouses in Toronto and California, KubeBath provides accessibility and prompt service.

              Explore the elegance and durability that KubeBath bathroom vanities bring to your space. Upgrade your bathroom with a touch of sophistication and top-quality craftsmanship.

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                  Wyndham Collection

                  Avery 60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity by Wynham Collection
                  Immerse yourself in luxury and quality with Wyndham Collection, a distinguished name synonymous with high-quality furniture sets, bathroom vanities, faucets, toilets, and more. Specializing in luxury timber furniture and custom bathroom vanities, Wyndham Collection excels in tailoring products to exact customer specifications, ensuring a bespoke touch to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

                  Pros of Wyndham Collection vanities:

                  1. Marble Countertop: Wyndham Collection vanities boast elegant marble countertops, adding a luxurious finishing touch to your bathroom space.

                  2. Complete Hardware Store: Offering a comprehensive range, Wyndham Collection serves as a complete hardware store, providing fully-stocked closets, bathroom vanities, media cabinets, and ingenious storage solutions for your home.

                  3. Modern Furniture Construction: Wyndham Collection seamlessly blends modern machinery with time-honored craftsmanship, using materials like wood, glass, textiles, and metal to create exquisite furniture sets.

                  4. White Base Color Available: Customize your space with the timeless appeal of white, as Wyndham Collection offers a white base color option for their vanities.

                  5. Top-Quality Vanities: Ensuring top-notch quality, Wyndham Collection vanities are crafted with precision and attention to detail, featuring well-designed edges for a polished look.

                  6. Complete Water Drainage System: Wyndham Collection vanities come equipped with a complete water drainage system, enhancing functionality and ease of use.

                  7. Durable for Years: Known for durability, Wyndham Collection vanities are built to withstand the test of time, providing a lasting and reliable addition to your bathroom.

                  Discover the elegance and functionality of Wyndham Collection vanities, featuring lines like Beckett, Deborah, Miranda, and Avery. With options for wall-mounted, freestanding, double, and single vanities, Wyndham Collection caters to diverse preferences. The inclusion of mirrors with wooden frames and a variety of sizes further enhances the versatility of their offerings. Elevate your bathroom experience with Wyndham Collection's commitment to quality and luxury that lasts for years.

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                      Bathroom Vanity Categories

                      Dive into the world of bathroom vanities, where customization meets style. These versatile fixtures offer a range of categories to suit your preferences. Categorized by mounting method, base color, sink, and overall width, bathroom vanities provide options for every taste. Width options typically span from 18" to 84", accommodating various bathroom sizes. Whether you prefer a single or double sink, the choice is yours, determined by the vanity's width. Base colors, including popular choices like white, gray, brown, and blue, vary by manufacturer, with bespoke options available for those seeking a personalized touch. Shelves and compartments add a functional dimension, allowing customization based on manufacturer specifications and buyer preferences. Whether you lean towards contemporary, traditional, or transitional styles, the right bathroom vanity can transform your space, infusing it with a modern and personalized aesthetic.


                      Embark on your journey to the perfect bathroom transformation armed with the knowledge of the top five bathroom vanity manufacturers. In a sea of online options, discerning quality construction is crucial, and our guide ensures you make an informed decision. From material quality to vanity categories and types, we've covered the essential details of the offerings by Bemma Design, Vinnova Design, Ancerre Designs, KubeBath, and Wyndham Collection. The flexibility extends to customization, allowing you to tailor vanities to your bathroom space and preferences. Adjust cabinet styles, drawer configurations, and choose between a traditional or contemporary aesthetic. Beyond vanities, these manufacturers present a treasure trove of stylish wood furniture, blending classic and modern elements to elevate your entire home. Explore, customize, and invest in enduring quality for a bathroom that stands the test of time.

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