The Best 72" Bathroom Vanities (Top 9 List)

It is estimated that we spend more than 182 hours a year in bathrooms. You don't want yours to be an eye sore! Investing in a good bathroom vanity is a must if you're hoping to give your bathroom and house a much-needed facelift. It enhances the beauty and practicality of your bathroom. Furthermore, it makes your bathroom look more attractive and organized by eliminating clutter. 

To maximize the functionality, aesthetics, and storage potential of your bathroom, give careful thought to the vanity you choose. A bathroom vanity shouldn't be so big that it gets in the way of people using the restroom. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best 72" bathroom vanities currently available:

Best 72" Bathroom Vanities

  1. Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity
  2. Vinnova Toledo Double Sink Bath Vanity
  3. Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set
  4. Altair Wildy Double Bathroom Vanity Set
  5. Vinnova Soria Double Bath Vanity
  6. Ancerre Elizabeth Double Bath Vanity Set
  7. Vinnova Donostia Double Vanity
  8. Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity
  9. KubeBath Bliss Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity

Here’s a detailed look at all these products!

Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity with White/Grey Grain Stone Countertop

Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity

The Vinnova adds elegance effortlessly to your bathroom with its North American oak color. The bathroom vanity comes with a mirror to help you with grooming. It's aesthetically pleasing, and the gray stone adds a touch of sophistication. You can choose between matte black and brushed gold, with or without the mirror. The four drawers and additional shelving in the bathroom vanity provide plenty of space for stowing away linens, toiletries, and other necessities. 

The producers only employ high-quality materials in the production of this product, such as plywood and solid wood. For added convenience in the bathroom, the vanity includes an undermount white ceramic sink. There are many five-star ratings on the product's page, suggesting that customers are pleased with their purchase. 

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Vinnova Toledo Double Sink Bath Vanity with White Sintered Stone Top, Square Sink, and Optional Mirror

Vinnova Toledo Double Sink Bath Vanity

If you want your bathroom to stand out from the crowd, you need the Toledo Double Sink Vanity. The sintered stone creates a contrast between the light and dark walnut finishes, making it aesthetically pleasing. All the more opulent is the choice of either brushed gold or matte black hardware. Manufacturers used a moisture-proof substance so there's no risk of mildew ever. The LED mirror with a touch sensor is an available upgrade.

Additionally, you have open shelving, ensuring you have enough space for your toiletries, decorative items, and towels. It is a premium brand in the market offering inbuilt UL-listed power and USB outlets. Lastly, the under-mount ceramic sink with an overflow makes this bathroom vanity a great choice. 

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Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set

Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity

When it comes to style, the Audrey line can't be beat. The designers and makers behind this product used cues from traditional French furniture when creating this vanity. We chose to include this item on our recommended list because of its superior construction, high reliability, sleek style, and longevity. The vanity's top is a 4-inch thick slab of Italian Carrara white marble. There is a set of drawers and doors that are built-in, and they are soft-closing to ensure convenience. 

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Altair Wildy Double Bathroom Vanity Set

You can give your bathroom an unrivaled touch of sophistication and comfort by choosing from three different wood finishes: black oak, classical gray, and washed oak. We can guarantee that this item does not skimp on size if a large bathroom vanity is what you're after. You have an open bottom shelf, a spacious main cabinet, a full extension, and drawers. Additionally, manufacturers ensured the drawers were soft closing. The piece is a beauty, featuring different textures and high-quality marbling. The materials make it easy to clean. The countertop is made using composite grain whitestone and comes with an inbuilt backsplash ensuring the wall does not rot or get mold and mildew. 

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Vinnova Soria Double Bath Vanity

Vinnova Soria Double Bath Vanity

This piece is your go-to if you want a vanity that can save space while adding elegance and style to your bathroom. The vanity does not have multiple shelves; however, it features one large open shelf to store your bathroom necessities. It adds class to your bathroom through its brushed gold base finish. Additionally, the piece made our list due to its high-quality composite granite stone and stainless steel, which ensures that the piece is highly durable and stable. It has a beveled sink design to minimize splashing and ensure excellent water flow. The piece comes fully assembled, and you can also get the mirror. 

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Ancerre Elizabeth Double Bath Vanity Set

Ancerre Elizabeth Double Bath Vanity

With a variety of options to choose from, the Elizabeth collection is set to add harmony and balance to your bathroom space. The piece comes with a gold or nickel finish for added elegance. The manufacturers use solid wood to make drawers, ensuring the piece is long-lasting. It features soft close drawers to reduce slamming. The manufacturers use a rich paint finish for that extra spark and durability. What adds to its elegance is the imported Italian Carrara white marble top, which makes it easy to clean as well. On the downside, this piece does not come with a mirror. It has an undermount ceramic basin with an overflow to minimize splashing.

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Vinnova Donostia Double Vanity in Walnut

Vinnova Donostia Double Vanity

The Vinnova piece has a beautiful design featuring a great white countertop that stands out from the earthly walnut finish. It also features soft-close doors. With its four doors and drawer, the Vinnova vanity sets the standard for storage in the bathroom. If you like your products eco-friendly, this piece should be your go-to due to the paint-free board. It comes with a ceramic under-mount sink with overflow. Additionally, the piece is highly recommended due to the built-in UL-listed power and USB outlets. 

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Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity, Optional Mirror

Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity

Regarding storage, you will want the Sortino vanity; it has up to eight doors and four drawers. It features a white acrylic sink that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your home. The manufacturers used premium laminated wood veneer to ensure that it is easy to clean and highly durable. The vanity has chrome handles for a modern look. It also has an inbuilt acrylic sink with overflow, making it anti-scratch and stain-resistant. Additionally, this unit can be purchased with a matching mirror!

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KubeBath Bliss Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity

KubeBath Bliss Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity

With the Bliss vanity, you get multiple colors, and manufacturers ensure you get a high-quality lacquer paint finish. The vanity also features European soft-closing drawers. It helps you save on bathroom space; however, it does not underplay its storage options. It gives you up to two doors and four drawers for storage. The piece is highly durable due to the acrylic composite used in its construction. It also comes with an inbuilt sink. However, you don't get a mirror with this bathroom vanity. 

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Bathroom vanities are your go-to when you want to add class and style to your bathroom. In terms of longevity, class, and capacity, these options are at the pinnacle of their fields. They are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your existing decor. Bathroom vanities, both large and small, premium and budget-friendly, are among the suggestions we've made. Good luck finding the best fit for your bathroom!

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