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Best 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity

One of the best home renovations you can conduct on your home or office bathroom includes restoring or replacing your bathroom vanity! The bathroom vanity is the area that houses the sink, cabinet space above and below, and of course, that gorgeous bathroom mirror. Below are some of our picks for the best 60 inch bathroom vanities. At only 60 inches wide, these are sure to fit any bathroom regardless of size. Find the one that fits your style, budget, and vision for your bathroom!

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1. Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity with White Grain Stone Countertop

Vinnova Alistair Double Vanity with White Grain Stone Countertop

Looking for an earthy, yet elegant bathroom vanity set? You’ve found it with the Vinnova Alastair Double bathroom vanity. This is a gorgeous bathroom vanity that comes equipped with a roomy open bottom shelf, solid and engineered wood, and four cabinet doors along with two drawers. You’ll never have to battle for extra space during your morning routines again with this double bathroom vanity. Not only is it an amazing choice for modern bathrooms, but its earthy light-colored wood exterior also makes it an excellent choice for earthy bathrooms. If you want to complete your farmhouse-style bathroom, this is the perfect vanity to do so. It’s white engineered stone countertop also adds an air of luxury to this vanity. It comes equipped with matte back or gold finished faucets to help you incorporate any type of style with this vanity.

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2. Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity

Alya Bath Sortino Double Bathroom Vanity

The Alya Bath Sortino vanity is proof that a minimalist doesn’t have to compromise on style. This is a beautiful freestanding double vanity set that includes up to eight soft close doors! It even comes in a variety of colors, including deep brown, white, and gray. It also comes equipped with a high-quality laminate veneer exterior that is easy to clean. Just as beautiful as the cabinet itself is the white acrylic sink that is also scratch and stain resistant! With loads of interior shelf space, you’ll be able to store all your bathroom essentials into this minimalist, yet roomy vanity.

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3. Vinnova Zaragoza Double Vanity with White Composite Grain Stone Countertop

Vinnova Zaragoza Double Vanity with White Composite Grain Stone Countertop

This is one of our favorite picks due to its size, design, and spacious double door cabinets. Their cabinets offer ample space to store all of your towels, lotions, extra shampoo, you name it! The Vinnova Zaragoza double bathroom vanity set comes equipped with two round mirrors to compliment its elegant style. It’s light-colored solid and engineered wood frame make this vanity incredibly durable. It also comes in an ash wood finish, so you can ensure this vanity will complement any style of bathroom. In addition, this vanity features a white porcelain undermount sink with gold-plated faucets for added luxury! If you’re in a pinch and trying to budget for your bathroom remodel, this vanity also arrives fully assembled and has a pre-drilled hole for fast and easy assembly.

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4. Vinnova Charlotte Double Vanity with Carrara Quartz Stone Countertop in Finnish Green

Vinnova Charlotte Double Vanity with Carrara Quartz Stone Countertop in Finnish Green

This is one of the most beautiful bathroom vanities you’ve ever laid your eyes on. It comes in a gorgeous teal-blue finish, also known as Finnish green, and bronze-finished faucets and handles, so you can use it to complement and add unique style to your bathroom. This is one of the best vanities to feed in to your traditional and cottage aesthetics. With its cute rounded legs, this vanity has a timeless and versatile design that can look well in virtually any traditional style bathroom, or even in a modern bathroom!

This vanity features spacious drawers, a white carrara marble countertop, and a backsplash as well. You also have the option of choosing two large mirrors in the same Finnish green coloring. This vanity also features soft close drawers so you can enjoy the peace and serene nature of this vanity. With a one-year warranty, you can’t go wrong choosing this bathroom vanity set.

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5. Alya Bath Paterno Double Bathroom Vanity

Alya Bath Paterno Double Bathroom Vanity

Make your minimalist bathroom dream come true with the Alya Bath Paterno bathroom vanity. This is one of the best bathroom vanities for homeowners that want to keep their bathroom looking sleek, modern, and sexy. This vanity is available as a freestanding vanity or it can be mounted, or floated, to wall. With a built-in white acrylic sink into the cabinet, set-up is as easy as can be! Best of all, this vanity arrives fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about the assembly process. You can choose between three gorgeous colors, including dark brown, gray, and white. This vanity offers some much needed storage space using six soft close drawers, all within a single, sleek design!

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6. Vinnova Valencia Double Vanity with White Composite Grain Stone Countertop

Vinnova Valencia Double Vanity with White Composite Grain Stone Countertop

This is by far one of our favorite bathroom vanities on the list! It’s beautiful solid and plywood oak makes this vanity one of the most durable and resilient. The gorgeous contrast between the matte black hardware and the light-colored exterior make this vanity look great in any bathroom you put it in! The designers of this bathroom got creative, including three soft close drawers and two pull-out drawers for added storage! This vanity features a white composite grain stone countertop space for added luxury, sophistication, and contrast. This bathroom vanity set also comes with two beautiful, round framed mirrors for added style!

In addition, since this vanity doesn’t come with a faucet, you can install your very own to make this vanity unique to your bathroom. We think matte black faucet to match with the rest of the hardware would be an excellent style choice!

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7. Ancerre Aspen Double Bath Vanity Set with Italian Carrara White Marble Vanity top and White Undermount Basin

Ancerre Aspen Double Bath Vanity Set with Italian Carrara White Marble Vanity top and White Undermount Basin

This is a striking double bathroom vanity that can look handsome in any bathroom. With its sleek black exterior and gold plated finish, you can include this bathroom vanity into any modern bathroom. For a more traditional design, this bathroom vanity also comes in white finish with brushed nickel hardware. This is one of the best bathroom vanities for storage space. This vanity features three soft close drawers and 4 soft closing doors. You’ll never have to fight for space with this double vanity. Best of all, this is a durable vanity made of solid wood construction and hardwood. This means you will never have to worry about whether or not this cabinet with stand the test of time!

To finish off the luxury of this piece, you can enjoy a carrara white marble countertop that adds beautiful contrast to the rest of this piece. The white ceramic under mount sink compliments this piece well also.

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8. Ancerre Elizabeth Double Bath Vanity Set with Italian Carrara White Marble Vanity top and White Undermount Basin

Ancerre Elizabeth Double Bath Vanity Set with Italian Carrara White Marble Vanity top and White Undermount Basin

This double bathroom vanity is as stylish as it is versatile. You can choose a variety of different colors, including gray, black, or navy blue. For hardware, choose from brushed nickel hardware or brushed gold hardware. The combinations are endless for this furniture piece. This cabinet comes with six soft close drawers with a dovetail design using premium soft closing hardware. On top of this, you also have a beautiful exposed shelf that can display your favorite indoor plants, shampoos, hand lotions, you name it! This is one of the best bathroom vanities to store your favorite bathroom essentials.

You can also enjoy luxurious Italian carrara marble top imported straight from Italy! The same high-quality countertop material is also used to create a 4 inch backsplash. You’ll had a bit of decor and a bit of traditional style with this cabinet to your home’s bathroom.

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9. Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set with Italian Carrara White Marble Vanity top and White Undermount Basin

Ancerre Audrey Double Bath Vanity Set with Italian Carrara White Marble Vanity top and White Undermount Basin

Want to add a bit of traditional and cottage aesthetics to your bathroom? The Ancerre Audrey double sink vanity is the best choice for you! It has four soft close cabinet doors and six total soft close drawers to provide ample storage space to your master bathroom. You can also use this stunning vanity in your guest room decor. This vanity comes in a variety of different color combinations to match the style of your bathroom or home. It has a beautiful paint finish that comes in white, navy blue, gray, and onyx. All colors contrast beautifully with the rectangular porcelain undermount skins and the white carrara marble countertop!

You can also choose between silver and gold-finished hardware. To top things off, this bathroom vanity also comes equipped with a 4 inch wood backsplash that looks exactly like the countertop materials. This is one of the best 60 inch bathroom vanities for a traditional home.

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10. Altair Sutton Double Bathroom Vanity Set with Carrara White Marble Countertop, Optional Mirror

Altair Sutton Double Bathroom Vanity Set with Carrara White Marble Countertop, Optional Mirror

Royal green, white, gray, oh my! All of these color finishes look fantastic on the Altair Sutton double bathroom vanity set. You can choose to incorporate two square mirrors to complete the modern-traditional look of this vanity. This vanity has a completely unique design that offers ample storage space in a streamlined furniture piece. Four soft close drawers are central to this cabinet. On either side, soft close cabinet doors and two extra soft close drawers provide storage space for even the messiest of homeowners. Nothing will ever be out of reach with the Altair Sutton bathroom vanity.

The solid wood and plywood foundation of this cabinet makes it lightweight yet durable. All colors of this vanity are amazingly beautiful, but we prefer the royal green for a nautical or retro style. It also comes equipped with gold-plated hardware for some extra luxury.

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Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanity For Your Home

The above list features some of our favorite bathroom vanities on the market today. We love that they are affordable, customizable, and all of them feature something that makes them unique and stunning!

However, it’s important to choose the vanity that you feel accommodates your bathroom, style, and of course, your budget. No two bathroom vanities are the same. With so many different styles, finishes, colors, and set ups, it’s hard to choose how to find the right one. To help you, we’ll discus some tips and tricks for finding the best vanity.

You can use these when choosing which of the above vanities will fit into your bathroom!

Dual Vs. Single Sink Vanity

First and foremost, it’s important to choose whether or not you’ll want a dual or single sink vanity. Both of these models have their own pros and cons. With a double sink vanity, you’ll be able to enjoy being close to your partner and preparing for your morning routines side by side!

A dual bathroom vanity is also larger than most single sink vanity units. Dual bathroom vanities are an excellent choice if you want to take advantage of the space in your bathroom. Fortunately, there are a variety of dual sink vanities on the market today.

Many people might be hesitant to invest in dual sink vanities, since they might believe space is limited. On the contrary, dual bathroom vanities provide ample storage space for his and hers! Many manufacturers design these vanities, keeping in mind that two people will be using them. They add extra storage space in the form of interior shelf space, cabinets beneath the sink, and a variety of soft close drawers.

Single sink vanities, on the other hand, tend to be a bit smaller in size. They can range from 42 to 60 inches, however. Single sink vanities are a great way to save space in a smaller bathroom while still having a dedicated area for storage. A single sink vanity, unlike a double vanity cabinet, only has space for one sink in the middle of its cabinet space. Fortunately, you can also find these vanities in bigger sizes ranging from 60 to 72 inches. This means that, while you still only have one sink, you have enough countertop space and storage space to comfortably share the vanity with other members of the household.

At the end of the day, a single sink vanity is a great choice for smaller bathrooms, bathrooms where routines are done during different times of the day, or in households with only one person. As long as your bathroom vanity has enough storage for your bathroom essentials, it’s not a bad choice to make!

Base Material

Bathroom vanities come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and base material. The base material of a bathroom vanity is the material that makes up the entire cabinet, including the cabinet doors, drawers, and the back of the unit.

Solid and engineered wood

Typically, it’s a good choice to go for a bathroom vanity made of solid and engineered wood. Engineered is usually more affordable, since the engineered wood is mass produced, yet still incredibly valuable. Engineered wood is made with various considerations in mind, including the warping wood might go through in a humid and wet environment such as a bathroom.

When combined with fine quality solid hardwoods, engineered wood also becomes incredibly durable. The great thing about engineered solid wood is that it also provides a good base material to paint over. If you ever want to paint your cabinet doors or the unit itself, it will be much easier to do on engineered solid wood than natural solid wood.

Engineered wood cabinets will usually have a fibecore or plywood base material. They will then have a veneer or laminate finishing which mimics the look of a real, solid wood frame. Having plywood as a base material also makes it easier to customize and install into your bathroom.

However, you do lose a bit of unique character when using engineered wood. If you use a natural base material, you’ll be able to have unique grain patterns that make your bathroom vanity totally one of a kind! Choosing a natural wood base material might be a good choice if you want a bathroom vanity that is completely unique and that you want to show off in an earthy bathroom.

You can always stain your bathroom vanity to bring out the natural grain, add a layer of protection against wear and tear and warping, and also slightly alter the color of the unit. For instance, a chocolate stain will make a cherry or walnut wood that much more dark!

Steel or Metal

In addition to solid and engineered wood, you can also choose a vanity with a base material such as steel. It can be difficult to find a high-quality steel or metal bathroom vanity. Steel and metal can be prone to rusting, so you’ll want to make sure that your bathroom vanity has protection against rust. This is especially important considering your bathroom will produce humidity and water that can make your steel bathroom vanity rust even faster.

Nevertheless, you can choose modern vanity built from a steel base material if it suits your style! Metal or steel base material vanities are usually cheaper and are more lightweight than wood cabinets. This is a great choice for a bathroom vanity if you’re planning on moving houses and want to take your vanity with you for any reason.

Metal vanities also add a bit of modern and sophisticated style to your bathroom. It’s important to make sure you choose a vanity with a base material that can support your countertop material and sinks. The metal frame on your vanity must be strong enough, or else you might risk collapse.

Storage Room

If you haven’t already noticed, we absolutely love storage space! It’s not enough to simply have one or two cabinet doors. It’s important to choose a vanity that has enough space to store your bathroom essentials. Having enough drawer space and two cabinets as opposed to one can make all the difference when you’re preparing for the morning.

If you don’t have lots of bathroom or hygiene tools, perhaps a smaller vanity or one that has a minimum of two soft closing doors is essential. In addition, you’ll want to make sure your drawer space is enough to fit larger items. For instance, you’ll want to find a bathroom vanity that fits your curling iron, flat iron, hair dryer, extra towels and hair spray, and more into it.

Fortunately, many bathroom vanities (especially the ones on our list) have ample storage for you to organize all of you and your families bathroom tools!

Soft Close Drawers

We always recommend finding a bathroom vanity with soft close hinges. Soft close hinges are placed on cabinet doors so you’ll never have to hear them slam again. Why is this important? For starters, it prevents having to hear your partner getting up and getting ready for work early in the morning. In addition, it makes it safer for children, as soft close hinges tend to close slower than other types of cabinet doors.

The fact that they close slower means it will be less likely for your child to slam their fingers in the cabinet. 


You might not even think twice about the type of hardware that comes with your vanity. Hardware is, however, an important part of the vanity that completes its look and can compliment it beautifully.

Popular choices for bathroom vanity hardware includes pull rings shaped like circles. You can also opt for traditional handles finished in chrome, brass, gold, nickel, or matte black. Keep in mind that whatever type of hardware you choose for your vanity, you should also use that same color for your bathroom faucet. Not many bathroom vanities will come with faucets attached. Fortunately, you’ll be able to choose your own hardware and faucet and use it with vanities that come pre-drilled.

If you don’t care much about hardware, you’re in luck! The bathroom vanities on our list all come with beautiful hardware to complement the style and look of your vanity.


Vanities, like other furniture pieces, have their own unique style. Make sure it fits into your bathroom theme, whether that’s modern, contemporary, or traditional. Be open about your style preference to any home remodelers as well.

The style of your vanity can be enhanced by its silhouette, paint finish, and even hardware. For instance, a vanity with distressed wood, white-washed paint, and pull-out rings can look gorgeous in a rustic environment.

Type Of Sink

Just like there are lots of bathroom vanities to choose from, there’s also loads of different sinks to fit your bathroom’s style! Our favorites are ceramic under mount sink sets! Ceramic under mount sinks are incredibly easy to keep clean. The units listed in our favorite picks above come equipped with white ceramic sinks that have stain protection and are scratch resistant!

Think about it. From dying your hair, to brushing your teeth, and running water over your sink, you’ll want to have a bathroom vanity that has a sturdy sink attached to it. Apron style sinks and above counter sinks, known as vessel sinks, are also a popular choice for modern homeowners.

If you prefer a sink that isn’t already attached to the undermount of your bathroom vanity, it’s important to make sure your vanity will be able to support this sink style. Fortunately, the vanities on our list take the guess work out of choosing your next sink.

These bathroom vanities already come with a ceramic undermount sink installed! You can choose from oval shaped porcelain sinks or rectangular sinks to compliment your bathroom style.

Countertop Material

You might have noticed that, besides the base material, many bathroom vanities also come equipped with their own countertop material. This is because the countertop material adds a striking beauty to the cabinet and adds a layer of contrast.

Many bathroom vanities are pre-designed so that the countertop material that sits on top of the vanity combines beautifully with it. For instance, a authentic white marble base material can contrast beautifully with a blue dual vanity cabinet.

If you’re opting to choose your own countertop material, keep in mind to make your decision about more than just the color. For instance, the favorite traditional countertop material for most bathrooms is granite. This is because granite is incredibly easy to clean, is durable and resistant to scratching, and takes little maintenance. You can place a granite countertop material on your vanity and not have to worry about it for quite some time. All you need is some simple granite countertop cleaner and a couple of microfiber towels for easy maintenance.

On the other hand, you could also opt for a higher-end quartz countertop material. Quartz is as beautiful as it is durable. Quartz is man-made, and unlike granite, can be customized to fit your specific bathroom style. Unlike a granite countertop material, you won’t have to deal with different color variations within the granite itself. This makes quartz an excellent choice if you’re choosing a bathroom vanity and need to match it with a specific countertop color, such as black, white, or gray. Other popular countertop material choices include soapstone, marble, natural stone, and tile.

Whichever countertop material you choose, it’s important to make sure your vanity can support the weight of it. You can always get help in choosing the right countertop material for your vanity from a professional bathroom remodeler. This will lower the chances of you getting the wrong combination of materials.

In addition, popular countertop styles now include waterfall edges and mitered edges! A waterfall edge incorporates the use of two countertop slabs placed at a 45 degree angle from each other. This gives your bathroom vanity a seamless, minimalist look.


If you choose to buy a pre-built bathroom vanity, you won’t have to worry about the assembly process. All you have to do is order it online or through a department or hardware store, have it shipped in a single piece to your home, and then get the help of a plumber to install it. If you have a freestanding vanity arrives fully assembled, this also means you won’t be able to customize your bathroom vanity.

Consider whether you want to have an easier time installing your vanity, or whether you want to prioritize completely customizing your vanity. Although you’ll be able to choose your own bathroom sink, countertop material, faucets, hardware, even the type of paint or finishing, these can all cost extra depending on where you purchase your vanity. Custom-made vanities can also take quite some time to be delivered to the home.

The bathroom vanities on our list are pre-assembled so customers don’t have to worry about a difficult installation. If you’ve already decided on a customized cabinet, it’s still important to choose a cabinet that still has the features we listed above.

Making The Switch

If you have a regular sink in your bathroom, you might be wondering what is the benefit of installing a separate bathroom vanity? For starters, the right bathroom vanity adds style to the bathroom. From dark-colored, traditional style walnut bathroom vanities, to light-colored vanities, there is no shortage of finishes that can help your bathroom vanity combine with your home’s bathroom.

You should also choose a vanity that adds functionality to your bathroom. Instead of choosing a bathroom vanity that has faux drawers and no extra storage, invest in a vanity that will allow you to remain organized and clean!

Finally, make sure to get professional help if you have questions about your vanity. Whether you want to know what base material to choose from, want to own a vanity with soft close hinges, or want to know what the difference is between solid and manufactured wood, there’s virtually no bad questions when it comes to choosing the right vanity.

You should never install a vanity on your own if you're unsure of how everything works. It's best to get the help of a professional plumber or handyman to install your vanity. This will reduce the chances of you damaging your unit or hurting yourself in the process.

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